Friday, March 11, 2011

Progress in School

The coming week will be Achu's last week in this term. Time really runs very fast. Cannot believe he has already completed 9 weeks of school. May be our kids grow faster than us ;-)

Next week I might most probably have a PT meeting. I burst into laughter as I type the word PT meeting. While my father/mother accompanying me to my school/collage for PTAs seems like yesterday, here I am about to go for my son's PT meeting :-)) Before I get a list of his progress reports, I thought I shall prepare my own list.

Achu's Progress Report ----> Well this is only for his Social Skills, Public senses and School awareness.

  • He knows now clearly that when cross on the roads should always hold my hand.
  • He knows the clear definition of School now. A place to "Play"' :-)
  • He aware of the things he takes to school. He makes sure that I collect his bag always after school
  • He is quiet familiar with travelling in bus. Once up he will find a seat and sits properly. No more jumping, standing etc.,
  • He finishes his snacks thats given to school without anyone feeding him
On the whole, am happy that Achu really enjoys going to school :-))

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