Monday, June 20, 2011

Term 2 - Wild Life Theme party

While last time was 'What your baby will be in future', this term the theme was Wild Animals. last Friday was the last day of the term. So the kids get to dress themselves like any of the Wild Animals they like. Achu chose 'Tiger':-)

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

New words ... no ... terms :)

The other day when Achu was having a play session with me ... He suddenly said this ---> " Amma ... Acha ... Don worry ... U guys rock!" :D

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Term 2 begins!

Achu started his term 2 today. For this term, he will be going 4 days a week for the 11AM to 1PM session. I am little worried about the Singapore's hot weather. It's VERY hot he when goes to and comes back from the school. Hope he gets used to the climate in some days. Also from the day he started school, he seem to be ready for the Workgroup activities. Achu is in Playgroup now and it's like pre-nursery. So am little worried that he would be bored at doing the things he already knows. Teacher ready to put him in Workgroup. But Achu who wakes up not earlier than 9 cannot join this group ;) So my plan is to first bring routine for him to wake up early and then put him in playgroup. Hope this works out well by also not affecting his potty training :))

Monday, March 28, 2011

Term End Party

Remember earlier I mentioned that Achu wanted Doctor costume for his First Term end party at school. Well, we had a hard time finding Doctor dress for his age. Poor Achu , we have to finally convince him for a dress which we managed to get. It's a Police Officer dress :) He kind of liked it after seeing it. He enjoyed his party as well :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Visit to City Square - Candy Ville

Achu has his Term break for 2 weeks. To while away time, we took him today to Little India. First we visited 'Sairam temple' in Kitchener Road. I did not take any photos there. I was not sure whether we can take pictures. First Achu was little excited to see Sai's statute and all the beautiful decorations of it. After the ''Áarthi'' started and since it went on for about 20 minutes, Achu started getting little impatient. So we left the temple even before the Aarthi started.

In order to cheer him up, we took Achu to City Square Mall. They had a Candy Ville set up for their First Anniversary. The moment he entered the mall and saw all the toys and gaming stuffs, Achu was fully back to form. He played there for atleast an hour.

Then we proceeded to Chellas for Lunch. Achu had his favorite, Oothappam. After a some shopping at Little India, it was time to head home :-))

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Term End Party

Achu's school had a Term End Party on March 18th. The theme for the party is to dress up like who u want to be i future. I wonder whether a 2.5 year even knows wht it means I was wondering how to dress up Achu for his term end party, he made job easy by choosing the theme on his own. There is a game he plays in my done that shows pictures of people in various types of jobs. I showed every picture and the dress the person was wearing and asked which dress he wants. He replied 'Doctor' :) He sticks to this answer even if asked little later. So my job is made easy ;)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Progress in School

The coming week will be Achu's last week in this term. Time really runs very fast. Cannot believe he has already completed 9 weeks of school. May be our kids grow faster than us ;-)

Next week I might most probably have a PT meeting. I burst into laughter as I type the word PT meeting. While my father/mother accompanying me to my school/collage for PTAs seems like yesterday, here I am about to go for my son's PT meeting :-)) Before I get a list of his progress reports, I thought I shall prepare my own list.

Achu's Progress Report ----> Well this is only for his Social Skills, Public senses and School awareness.

  • He knows now clearly that when cross on the roads should always hold my hand.
  • He knows the clear definition of School now. A place to "Play"' :-)
  • He aware of the things he takes to school. He makes sure that I collect his bag always after school
  • He is quiet familiar with travelling in bus. Once up he will find a seat and sits properly. No more jumping, standing etc.,
  • He finishes his snacks thats given to school without anyone feeding him
On the whole, am happy that Achu really enjoys going to school :-))

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Achu with the 'Dhoddas'and Ájjas'

I think these photos would be a treasure in my life. I should find a way to do portraits of them :-)

Achu with his Ajja and Dhodda

Achu with his Dhodda

Achu with my Dhodda (Father's dad)
Achu with his father dad (Achamma)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

First Week @ School

While my last post was about Achu's first day at school, here are some more notes on his first week at school.

Since Achu is just 2.5 years old both me and DH did not want to stress too much on his school schedules. So we opted for 3days per week schedule. So after his successful first day at school, we tried to follow the same morning ritual Tuesday also though Achu doesn't have school that day. And Wednesday, he woke up on time to get ready for school. He also had his breakfast and got dressed with no issues. His day at the school was also very much fine like it was on Monday. Achu's play school teachers are Miss. Jessy and Miss. Qu(For Chinese). Achu is yet to get attached to his teacher as he is not allowing her to feed his snacks. He gets reminded of me and starts crying :((

I spent the whole of Thursday consoling him to have snacks when teacher feeds him also conforted him not to miss me much in the school.

And then comes Friday. Morning rituals were same as Monday and Wednesday. He got ready, had his breakfast and got ready as usual. But I suspected symptoms of Cold. I felt a mild stuffiness in his nose. But he was more cheerful than other days. Probably he also knows TGIF ;-). On his way to school in the bus also he singing happily along with his friend Shreyas.

Once out of the bus, he happily held hands with Shreyas and walked towards the school on his own. Well I was even more happier at his development. He reached school and the teacher welcomed him, wiped his hands with the sanitizer, Achu said Good Morning to the teacher and ran straight into the class. At this point I was flying high in a cloud and then it happened. Achu who happily went into the school came out with his eyes tearing like anything, hugged me tight and did not let go. He did not wanted me to leave him and go :-(( Poor guy realized tht he would miss me for the next 2 hrs and he just did not want to accept any bargains/bribes .... All he wanted was to just go home :(( May be I talked/advised too much about being independent at school, he must have got really scared. The Teacher managed to pacify him for the next 2hrs as it was 'Arts/Crafts' that day. He still little upset throughout the class. Also refused to take his snacks when fed by the teacher. I was just roaming around the school for the next 2hrs as I wanted to take Achu home immediately if at all he gets into vomiting etc., due to his crying. The school had outdoor playing for the second half of the session. Achu was not so interested in that too. All he wanted was to go home. The moment he saw me coming to pick him up, he started crying again and wanted to go home immediately. Well, he became normal once i took him to a near by toy shop. I had plans of buying a school bag as well.

Well, Achu's first week at school was almost a success and am very happy for him. Well missing me at school I think is normal for any kid at this age. I am sure Achu who is smart in everything he does shall overcome this too :D :D

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1st day at school :-)

Well, well, well .... the D day had arrived. All the preparations were done on time. Did enough researches and decided on a school. The Learning Curve @ Tampines Mart. We visited the school sometime last week and Achu seemed to like the school as well. Bought Uniforms, made Achu's mind ready for school.

When the day arrived Achu was so supportive and understanding that he woke up on time, had his breakfast and was ready 10mins before the scheduled start time :-) ... He was so excited about the school that he din't even allowed me to have my breakfast :-))

Well here are some moments captured :D

Our neighbor's son Shreyas decided to join him for the school. He too had a great time with Achu @ school :-)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend, Lunches and Achu :-)

Last weekend was a busy one. Had Guests for lunch on both the days :-)

As i was busy cooking, Achu was busier with DH having fun in his own ways :-) Had gr888 play yard and swimming sessions .... poor guy was sleepy when the actual guests arrived. He had his lunch and went for his nap quiet earlier on the both days.

As far as my cooking is concerned, one of the days I tried new dishes in Non-Veg. And am happy that the dishes were quiet a success :D